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  Member User Name Age Occupation Available From
Experienced Caretaker/Property Manager
[detail] Gold Nomad55 59 Caretaker/Estate Manager Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Basic carpentry, painting, plumbing and electrical skills, preventative maintenance, security, one hundred ton captain, cdl licensed, housekeeping, self motivated, conscientious, flexible, professional and discreet, honest and dependable, office and computer skills,
Preferences: rural, mountains, rockies, vacation property homes, estates, ranches and lodges
Phone (435) 459-9570 - Cell 9047425560
Experienced farmer/caretaker/ handyman/ estate manager
[detail] Gold rishona 55 Estate Farm Manager Sep 1, 2015
Skills & Experience: Estate manager, farmer, livestock, animal management, grounds, equipment operator, garden, grounds, fencing, mechanic, welding, woodlot, firewood, forestry, haying, horses, cattle, snowplowing, basic carpentry, machinery, landscaping
Preferences: Estates, farms, horse jobs, outdoors, honesty
Phone (518) 854-9404 -
[detail] Gold jpower5 62 Security, Property Overseer... Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Security, Property Caretaking
Preferences: Prefer similiar situation, Long term on site property caretake position
Estate/Property Manager, Security Manager
[detail] Gold SecurityOne 58 Estate/Property Manager/Securi Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Property caretaker, Estate Management, Security
Preferences: Estate marina and campground management Security and safety experience
Phone (314) 814-9398 (314) 495-9985 Cell 3144959985
Experienced Property Caretaker for large estates with thirty years exp.
[detail] Gold ddsherm 61 CARETAKER/ESTATE MANAGER Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, estate managers, horses, cattle, ranch, ranch work, fencing, carpentry,
Preferences: estates, homes, farms, ranches, horse jobs
Cell 3524252800
Hardworking individual to compliment your ranch or estate!
[detail] Gold stef28 41 self employed Sep 1, 2015
Skills & Experience: horses, horse jobs, cattle, ranch work, fencing, ranch, home maintenance, barn management, caretakers, cooking, construction building , livestock maintenance, pets, ranch hands, foaling care, caretaking, gardening, livestock, lawn maintenance, landscaping
Preferences: skills in various trades, horse jobs, ranch jobs, farms, ranches, state foress, parks, lodges, any
Phone (918) 937-2208 -
Property Manager/Horse Trainer
[detail] Gold Dajichcomo 39 Property Manager/Horse trainer Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: caretakers, horses, ranch, ranch work, resorts, childcare, restaurants, bartending
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, horse jobs, bed and breakfast, resorts, nature retreats, farms, ranches, camps, restaurants,
Phone (802) 673-2332 - Cell 8026732332
Experienced caretaker great references for all services including animals
[detail] Gold toyent 56 Caretaker Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: home maintenance, all trades, mechanic, boating, resort, innkeepers, educate, golf
Preferences: winter jobs, ranch jobs, bed and breakfast, lodges, parks, preserves, historic homes,
Cell 8438133020
Property Manager, Carpenter/builder/Maintenance/Devoted animal care
[detail] Gold fjames 63 Semi retired builder/carpenter Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Managerial, construction, property care taking, animal welfare
Preferences: estates, homes, boarding kennels, historic homes, cabin rentals
Phone (931) 260-5827 -
Physclly fit, animal caretaker, farmer, business owner, consultant
[detail] Gold nyflcowgirl 46 estate/farm/resort mgr Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: horses, foaling, gardening, maple syrup production, machine maintenance, construction, cooking, entertaining, farming, computer literate, NEAT,
Preferences: estate management, horse jobs, farms, resorts
Phone (518) 365-3131 - Cell 5183653131
Estate Manager with MBA and Twenty Years of Experience
[detail] Gold TheGilberts 53 Estate Manager Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Managing estate staff and contractors to ensure that the interior and exterior of the estate, landscaping, and security are properly cared for Strong hands on experience with electrical, plumbing, lanscaping, and computer work
Preferences: Estate Manager Caretaker for Private Estates in the West
Phone (978) 766-9439 -
Mature couple seeking a caretaker / property manager position.
[detail] Gold SmokeyBear 54 Guide, wildland firefighter Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Adult caretaker, forest management, property management, child care, horses, innkeeper, boating, outdoor recreation, supervisor
Preferences: Resorts, estates, camps, homesteads, farms, ranches, lodges, schools, nature retreats, bed breakfasts
Cell 5309665782
Metaphysical couple seeks a place conducive to continued spiritual growth
[detail] Gold CaretakercoupleMM 54 metaphysical student Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Organic gardening, school counseling, teaching, bookkeeping, outdoor enthusiasts, homestead, housekeeping, grounds keeping, cleaning, yard work, composting, driving, water studies, tutor, special education, life skills
Preferences: homes, estates, nature retreats, hostels, lodges, long term
Educated,experienced, well-mannered young couple
[detail] Gold orriesgift 52 HVAC/Pipefitter-Union Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Landscaping, grounds, pool, maintenence of equipment and home, plumbing and electrical, have been with the same family for seventeen years
Preferences: Private country estate with guesthouse or cottage
Phone (906) 362-8494 -
Ranching/Business couple retired, seeking caretaker positions
[detail] Gold GeorgeBass 73 Ranch / Property Mgr Aug 31, 2015
Skills & Experience: estate manager, ranch property and development mgrs, caretakers
Preferences: ranch, farm, parks, forests, trails, property, remote location
Phone (760) 977-6502 (928) 592-3427 Cell 9285923427
Mature, ethical, diligent, active, experienced couple
[detail] Gold Heartstoserve 65 Caretakers Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Caretakers, managers, facility maintenance, grounds maintenance, housekeepers, cook, hospitality, office, caregivers
Preferences: homes, farms, ranches, camps, lodges, retreats, parks, campgrounds
Cell 4696286354
[detail] Gold ArtemusP 65 caretaker/farmer/handyman/mech Sep 1, 2015
Skills & Experience: farmer, handyman, mechanic, caretaker, , landscaper, building maintenance, orchard , crop
Preferences: estates, hobby farms, farms, wildlife preserves, retreats, camps, tree farms
Phone (570) 685-1200 -
Experienced mechanic/equipment operator, handyman, diverse backround
[detail] Gold jschuller 48 Fleet Manager/ mechanic Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: mechanical maintenance, equipment operator, building maintenance, horse care, caretakers, snow plowing, ranch jobs, property management, road maintenance, grounds maintenance
Preferences: resorts, ranch jobs, estates, camps, seasonal jobs, snow jobs, state forests, national parks, homes, lodges, nature retreats, maintenance, lake river property
Cell 9704859299
Experienced Care Taker, Maintenance Lead/Property Manager, CDL
[detail] Gold alspine 56 Maintenance lead/Property Mgr, Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: caretakers, CDL, summer camps, campgrounds, resorts, horse ranches, innkeepers, motels, animals, spanish, estate, schools, outdoor education
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, bed and breakfasts, resorts, nature retreats, camps, state forests, parks, caravan parks, rv parks
Phone (719) 371-5463 - Cell 7193715463
[detail] Gold Larry_K 51 Jack of all trades Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: jack of all trades, caretaker, cabin, cottage, handyman, security, maintenance, management, home, seasonal, mechanical, computers, boats, repair, tractors, equipment, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, welding, grounds, lawn, homestead, snow, stable
Preferences: cabin, camp, nature retreat, homestead, lodge, remote, wilderness, rural, alone, tipi, yurt, desolate, isolated, water, dangerous, explore, snow, mountains
experienced eco caretaker, gardener, handyman, naturalist, resorts
[detail] Gold kendamro 55 caretaker, naturalist/gardener Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: responsible, eco-friendly, caretaker, handyman, property, mature, organic, gardener, garden, orchard, habitat, maintenance, reliable, personality, wildlife, birds, marine, cleaning, outdoor, naturalist, ski trail groomer, remote, sense of humor
Preferences: nature centers, education centers nature retreats, homes, homesteads, estates, ecological preserves, forests, ski center, year-round jobs, camps, campgrounds
Experienced Handyman in Carpentry, Electrical, Painting, HVAC, & Gen Maint.
[detail] Gold bobleno 68 Retired Air Force Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: caretakers, self-storage managers, cooking, maintenance
Preferences: homesteads, camps, estates, lodges
Phone (406) 640-0570 - Cell 4066400570
country fella lookin for work in the country
[detail] Gold jemdandy 62 carpenter helper/laborer Sep 17, 2016
Preferences: Prefer horse caretakin jobs, , with living quarters, lawn maintenance, building repair, fence repair
Horse Wrangler, Guide, w/ carpentry and construction skills; Caretaker Couple
[detail] Gold delgado 60 Caretaker,Horse wrangler,Guide Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: horses, horse wrangler, trail guide, tourism, caretaking, carpentry, maintenance, other construction skills, english, spanish
Preferences: horse jobs, tourism, resorts, retreats, seasonal jobs, homes, caretaking, southwest, mexico, costa rica, latin america
Cell 8024908056
Looking for Right Situation/Property Caretaker/Estate Manager
[detail] Gold asm603 55 self employed Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: property caretakers and estate managers
Preferences: Farms, Homes, Estates
Phone (603) 934-3042 -
Experienced Estate Manager, Caretaker, Maintenance or Property Manager
[detail] Gold Mhtjstrong 55 Estate Manager Sep 1, 2015
Skills & Experience: Estate Managers, property caretakers, maintenance, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, fine home care, drivers, housekeepers, animal care, Hard working, Reliable
Preferences: Estates, homes, ranches, parks, forests, private, farm, caretakers, Islands
Phone (440) 255-5211 -
High Quality Ranch Care Taker
[detail] Gold aleciaevans 46 dog trainer, horse caretaker Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: accounting, pets, organizing, plant and garden maintanence
Preferences: ranch, horse jobs, homesteads, ecological preserves
Professional Farm, Ranch, Resort, Retreat Manager Available
[detail] Gold plinykeep 49 resort/retreat/farm manager Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: estate, manager, caretaker, ranch, land, stewardship, green, organic, retreat center, farming
Preferences: beauty, efficiency, exellence, attention to detail, rustic, rural, green
Phone (650) 218-4767 -
Estate, Hotel & Resort Manager, Construction Manager, Consultant, Training Manag
[detail] Gold arriba 52 MANAGER / CARETAKER Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: YEARS experience
Preferences: Estate Property Manager, Horse ranch , Dude Ranch, resorts, nature retreats,
Phone (321) 544-7219 - Cell 50687189672
Estate Manager/Caretaker Couple - Construction, Yacht, Landscape and Design Exp.
[detail] Gold markandlori 58 Estate Manager/Caretaker Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: carpentry, electrical, boat and yacht operation and maintenance, woodworking, inverters and large battery systems, solar, landscape design and maintenance, graphic and publication design, interior design, equipment repair, generator repair, maintenance
Preferences: estates, islands, ranches, resorts, homes, boats, yachts, gardening, systems
Phone (360) 298-5778 -
Talented couple seek long term position. Carpenter/Craftsman & Multi talented RN
[detail] Gold brojez 40 Carpenter Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: caretaking, building, woodworking, housesitting, cooking, bartending, animal care, stewardess, long list of experience
Preferences: Long term
Phone (775) 771-6404 - Cell 7757716404
Semi-retired home builder seeking RV Park manager or caretaker/property manager.
[detail] Gold caretakersterryjean 61 Home Building Contractor Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: property caretaking, RV park management, building maintenance, handyman, computer skills, caretakers, equipment operator, ranch estate manager, hunting lodge experience, fly fishing
Preferences: RV Park Manager, Rocky Mountains, ranch jobs, wilderness areas, estates, resorts, retreats, trustworthy, references, common sense, property management, computer skills, fishing lodges, hunting lodges,
electrician/handyman. References. Honest. Reliable.Veteran.
[detail] Gold rimohai 64 retired electrical contractor Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: resident caretaker
Preferences: estates, resorts, lodges, ranches,
Phone (808) 755-5719 -
Experienced Property Management & Resort Team
[detail] Gold joanandco 49 Residential & Resort Services Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Resort Managers, Property Caretakers, Innkeepers, Property Management, Hospitality, Executive Assistant, Inn Management, Household Manager, computer skills, cleaning, supervising, spa repair, pool, retreat management, sustainability
Preferences: Estates, resorts, residential properties, ecological preserves, lodges, state forests, parks, hostels, nature retreats, spiritual retreats, wholistic, horses, sailing, beaches
Phone (720) 320-8532 - Mobile 7203208532
Dedicated with vast and varied experience and ability
[detail] Gold griebelt 50 Carpentry, manager, equipment Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Skilled carpenter, handyman, restorations, landscape, managment
Preferences: Retreats, parks, lodges, resorts, plantations, beach homes
Phone (410) 924-0257 (410) 924-4216 Cell 4109240257
[detail] Gold JeffsPetPropertySvs 54 Pet & Property Security Svs. Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: administrative, animals, book keeping, caretakers, chauffeur, chef, clerical, grounds maintenance, handyman, holiday decorating, housekeeping, house sitting, maintenance, managers, office, party planning, pets, property, rural, security, supervisors, wildlife
Preferences: animals, bed breakfast, camps, cemeteries, ecological preserves, estates, farms, game keeper, game warden, haunted homes, lighthouses, lodges, marinas, nature retreats, parks, private homes, resorts, rural estates, RV parks, sanctuaries, state forests, wildlife preserves
Phone (810) 625-0595 -
Stellar Property Manager seeks Permanent Onsite caretaker position
[detail] Gold Stellarcaretaker2009 46 Property Manager Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Estates, homes, ranches, nature retreats, homesteads, state forests, fulltime jobs
Preferences: Full time, on-site, nature retreat, resort, preserves, bed and breakfasts, plantations, historic homes, lodges, ranches, horse jobs,
Phone (951) 471-8489 - Cell 7148661863
[detail] Gold eaggleman47 64 maintenance/caretaker Aug 28, 2015
Single,Mature, all around horsewoman, detail orientated.
[detail] Gold nanjo57 56 horse trainer/manager Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: horses, dogs, caretakers, management, grounds keeping, riding, pool maintenance
Preferences: housing, salary, location
Mature married energetic caretaker couple with 13+ yrs. experience
[detail] Gold Stoneoak 63 jack of all trades/caretaker Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, ranches, ranch work, brush hogging, fencing, home maintenance, welding, metal working, mechanics, farming, haying, farm equipment, pools, plumbing, computer skills, pesticides, fertilizers, hunting lodges
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, campgrounds, nudist camps, resorts, nature retreats, farms, ranches, homesteads, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, boarding naturist retreats, lodges, plantations, historic homes, caravan parks, rv parks
This couple can do it all
[detail] Gold RangerRol 53 Ranger of Boy Scout Camp Aug 28, 2015
Estate Manager,Caretaker,Personal Assitant,Personel Security,Driver
[detail] Gold JohnnyDee 54 Estate Man:Caretaker,Security Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Estate Manger, Over-all Caretaker, Personel Assitant, Security, Driver
Preferences: Estates, Homes, Historic Homes, Vacation Homes, Resorts
Phone (845) 271-4778 - Mobile 9176488144
Property Managers/Caretakers needs new live-in assignment
[detail] Gold twiggy69 46 property manager Couple Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Bed and Breakfast, Private Home Owners Associations, Mobile Home Park Manager, management skills
Preferences: homes ranch jobs bed and breakfasts nature retreats plantations
Phone (518) 421-4279 (518) 416-5520 Cell 5184214279
Honest, dependable, hard worker with horse, livestock experience
[detail] Gold cowboy3755 50 Farm/horses/livestock/upkeep Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Property and livestock caretaker, horses, carpenter skills, farm equipment skills, ranch work, livestock hauling, horse training
Preferences: Horses, cattle, sheep, ranch, estate, second homes care taking, natural meat production, farms
Phone (864) 350-0367 -
[detail] Gold Dustyroads 69 Retired/ equine massage therap Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: fencing, horse health, general maintenace, flood irrigation,
Preferences: horse facility, camps, horse health care,
Phone (503) 928-0689 - Mobile 5039280689
Retired Bookkeeper, Horse experienced, loves to care for animals,
[detail] Gold whp91268 65 Retired bookkeeper Aug 28, 2015
Phone (386) 589-8744 - Cell 3865898744
Professional couple who work together as a great team!
[detail] Gold 19sasha375 60 Caretaker Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Property caretakers, estate managers, self-starters, interactive, communicative, people oriented, supervisors, home maintenance, grounds, landscaping, gardening, accounting, bookkeeping, construction, boats, projects planning
Preferences: Properties, vacation homes, islands, permanent job, separate housing, salary
Mature married couple seeking ranch/estate to manage
[detail] Gold TajMahal 63 builder, caretaker Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, horses, game farms, home maintenance, bed and breakfasts, resort managers, estate managers
Preferences: estates, farms, ranches, bed and breakfasts
Phone (231) 883-4696 -
Semi-retired Commercial Driving Instructor/Biz Owner/Home Owner
[detail] Gold Boomer_Caretaker 68 Semi-Retired Aug 28, 2015
Phone (209) 589-0541 -
Jill of Many Trades, Maturity, Diverse Experience, Skills and Exploration
[detail] Gold arivaca 59 sustainable consultant, artist Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: artist, property manager, caretaker, sustainable practices, organic gardener, off-grid living
Preferences: resorts, homes, hostels, parks, lodges, sustainable projects, bed and breakfasts, nature retreats, estates
Phone (520) 428-1598 - Mobile 5202897246
Experienced backcountry couple over twenty + years
[detail] Gold Rileyck 66 ranch manager retired Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: horses, property caretakers, maintenance, ranch management, ranch work
Preferences: estates, ranch jobs, lodges, winter jobs, summer jobs, resorts, homesteds
Phone (605) 850-9563 -
Been There, Done That......Ready to do some more
[detail] Gold estolarcyk 29 Wrangler/ Caretaker Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: horses, property caretakers, managers, ranch work, home maintenance, resorts, innkeepers, childcare
Preferences: horse jobs, estates, nature retreats, lodges, seasonal jos, resorts, forests, parks, ranch jobs
semi-retired social worker
[detail] Gold davidkrejci5 62 semi-retired social worker Oct 1, 2015
Preferences: estates, homes, ranches, nature retreats, farms, ecological preserves, plantations, resorts, permaculture preserves
[detail] Gold RNewell 50 Consultant/Writer Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Property and animal caretaker, gardening, personal assistant, business development, writing
Preferences: Estates, private homes, parks, inns, lodge, retreats, resorts
Phone (407) 593-6262 - Cell 4432050108
Experienced Management/Caretaker, Ranch, Lodge, Estates
[detail] Gold tkerns 65 Farming/ranching, resort devel Dec 10, 2105
Skills & Experience: Resort maintenance, equipment operator, mechanic, landscaping
Preferences: ranch job, bed and breakfast, estates
Phone (541) 420-6568 -
Trustworthy prior military, individual with handyman skills,............
[detail] Gold rameyer 49 Caretaker, pets, maintenance Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Industrial painter, maintenance of military housing, factory maintenance technician, grounds keeper, cook, cleans, childcare, resort scheduling
Preferences: estates, homes, cabins, resorts, camp grounds, ranches, lodges,
Cell 9312066563
Livestock domestic animal caretaker ******
[detail] Gold RoseBud22 49 Care-taker Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: horses, mules, dogs, cats, livestock, customer service, tractor, bobcat
Preferences: Horse farms, Ranches, Farms,
Phone (269) 535-1316 -
Experienced, Dependable, Trustworthy and Capable! Will Travel!
[detail] Gold CaringAndTrustworthy 61 retired educator Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: grounds keeping, landscaping, teaching, animals, first aid, some Spanish, technology, farm equipment, irrigation, solar and wind power generation, offgrid and isolated living experience
Preferences: Have skills and a caretaker attitude or nature, will Travel anywhere
Phone (303) 800-6190 -
Experienced Property / Estate Caretaker seeks employment in California
[detail] Gold jhunter39 61 Estate / Property Caretaker Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: animal management, building management, building repairs, caretakers, computer skills, estate manager, fencing, grounds keeping, grounds maintenance, handyman, horses, landscape, landscaping, maintenance, management skills, managers, orchards, property
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, management jobs, long term, permanent
Phone (805) 927-5982 - Cell 8054406820
Property Manager /Caretaker with Wilderness Survival Skills
[detail] Gold adkrock 55 Caretaker Aug 28, 2015
Phone (315) 369-5555 -
Experienced Estate/House Manager Couple Available
[detail] Gold JulieKuhl 59 House /Estate Mgr Couple Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: book keeping, childcare, cleaning, cooking, gardening, estate and house manager, car care, renovations, event and travel plans, security, driving
Preferences: Estates, homes, ranches, vacation homes
Phone (406) 897-4733 (406) 897-4733 Cell 4068974733
Diversified background, outstanding integrity, unmatched work ethic
[detail] Gold barnojohnjr 50 Self employed caretaker Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Complete cost offset, operations management, fabricator, carpenter, auto tech, farmer nician, farmer, maintenance, estate management, homes
Preferences: estates, ranches, resorts, retreats, farms, homesteads, lodges, homes
Phone (330) 647-7623 - Cell 3306477623
Experianced in maintenance,farm equip. manager skills,carpentry,plumbing, etc.
[detail] Gold mmib2010 54 retired Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: , home, vehicle, and land maintenence, landscaping
Preferences: rv parks, estates, retreats, farms,
Phone (253) 441-1710 - Cell 2534411710
Skilled, Married Couple, Construction, Forestry, Management & Retail Experience
[detail] Gold Lostviking 54 Construction Equipment Sales Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Heavy Equipment Operation and Maintenance, Forestry Experience, Computer Literate, Decorating Experience, Retail Sale and Management Experience, Previous Retail Store Owner, Manager,
Preferences: Outdoor Work, Large Land Maintenance, Rural, Cooler Climate,
Top Ranked Caretaker, Vacation Mgr Female 59 seeks New Position Fall 2015
[detail] Gold schoolforwonder 59 Caretaker, Property Manager Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Caretaker, property management, vacation rental, executive assistant, staffing
Preferences: property management, caretaker, vacation rental, private owner, luxury, water
Phone (303) 815-8325 - Cell 3038158325
retired, builder , volunteers, jack of all trades, great workers
[detail] Gold fivearrow 74 retired builder, property care Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: carpenter, electrician , plumber license, farm equipment, heavy equipment caretakers estate, pool, housekeeping, maintenance, volunteered for federal and state parks for over twelve years , like to fish , hunted in the past, boating, do stained glass
Preferences: Long term with house paid estates, bed and breakfast, resorts, plantations historic homes, rv parks
Phone (603) 498-7196 -
Environmentally sensitive caretaker, organic landscaper, experienced handyman
[detail] Gold GreenCareGuy 63 Caretaker, Organic landscaper Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Property caretaker, organic gardening and grounds keeping, estate handyman, irrigation, pool, orchard maintenance, light plumbing, electrical, carpentry, snow plowing
Preferences: Private home or estate, small farm, retreat, green organic properties
Mature Professional Couple Seeks Caretaking Position
[detail] Gold Carlsbad 60 Computer, Editing-writing Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: House sitting, pet sitting and care, home maintenance, groundskeeping, computer, all office skills, writing, editing, proofreading, marketing, customer service, business development
Preferences: Estates, homes, pets, bed and breakfast, resorts, nature retreats, ecological preserves, parks, lodges
Experienced Reliable Caretakers - married couple
[detail] Gold rednut64 50 property manager/caretaker Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, estate managers, management skills, horses, pets, english, french, spanish, swedish, computer skills, grounds maintenance, orchards, construction, carpentry, organic gardening, landscaping, accounting, mechanical maintenance
Preferences: estates, homes, farms, resorts, permanent jobs
Retired Materials Planner, Presently doing Equine Massage Therapy
[detail] Gold lstauffer1946 69 Retired Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, horse jobs, barn management
Preferences: horse jobs, nature retreats, ranches
Cell 5039280689
The Right Person for You
[detail] Gold DanCaretaker 40 caretaker/farmer/builder Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Farming, Ranching, Watercraft and Office mangement, irrigation, solar repair, electrican, plumbing, small engine repair, hotel management experience, computer savy, arbor care
Preferences: All and anything
Phone (508) 524-1742 -
Couple Desiring Caretaking/Property Managing Position.
[detail] Gold cmccrain 56 Former teacher Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Managerial skills, general construction, carpentry, ranch work, animal care, grounds, gardening,
Preferences: Homes, estates, farms, ranches, nature retreats, homesteads, camps, resorts
Cell 8502818675
Experienced Caretaker Couple / Manager
[detail] Gold boomer1 56 caretaker/manager Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: all
Preferences: estates, bed and breakfast, retreats, camps, lodges, historical homes,
Phone (570) 972-3643 (570) 216-6793
Experienced, Reliable Couple, Property Management, looking to relocate,
[detail] Gold patvolts 48 Landscaper/ and Baker Aug 28, 2015
Phone (516) 802-0994 - Cell 5166728799
Ranch/Estate Caretaker
[detail] Gold RealHandyMan 60 Ranch Manager & Maintenance Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: ranch caretakers, estate managers, horses, ranch, ranch work, fencing, home maintenance
Preferences: estates, homes, ranches, horse jobs, horse boarding operations
Cell 9702706023
Mature, responsible, retired gentleman, seeking position as a ranch caretaker
[detail] Gold Ron_STEF 66 Retired Contractor Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, horses, carpentry, ranch work, fencing, wells, home maintenance, vehicle maintenance, dogs, handyman, stables, security, fences, electrical, plumbing, painting, mechanic, landscaping, cleaning, welding, handyman, tractors, yard work, solar
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, horse jobs, farms, ranches, homesteads, estates, homes, state forests, parks, caretaking, off grid
Phone (520) 301-7696 -
13 Years Experience Working as Hands on Property Manager and Innkeeper
[detail] Gold mi_estatemgr 56 Private Property Manager Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: BandB manager, estate manager, property caretaker, electrical, plumbing, vehicle maintenance, landscaping, customer service
Preferences: estates, homes, bed and breakfasts, resorts, nature retreats, homesteads, estates, homes, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, hostels, boarding kennels, lodges, bed and breakfasts, resorts, plantations, historic homes,
Phone (434) 222-2332 - Mobile 4342222332
Dynamic Duo: Property/Construction Manager with Classical Dressage Trainer
[detail] Gold PropertyHorseMgmt 71 Construction Mgmt Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Property Management, Environmental Construction, Classical Dressage, Horse Trainer, Teacher, Family Oriented
Preferences: Estates, Ranch, Management, Horse, Hunter Jumper, Eventing, Training, Teacher, Housing, Family
Phone (845) 247-3122 (805) 703-3760
Multicultural Mature Reliable Married Couple with diverse background
[detail] Gold MulticulturalCouple 58 Caretaker/Handyman/Retail Food Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, handyman, maintenance, repairs, painting, landscaping, gardening, yard work, driving, automotive repairs, car maintenance, equipment operators, engine maintenance, cleaning, cooking, artists, photographers, retail, jewelry, grocers, catering, security
Preferences: estates, homes, businesses, resorts, bed breakfasts, retreats, farms, ranches, camps, campgrounds, rv parks, parks, historic homes, clubs, lodges, grocery stores, restaurants, motels, hotels, self motivated, creative, able to improvise, nature, health, couples, honest, trustworthy
Phone (831) 392-5832 -
Caretaker or Manager
[detail] Gold mntbear 54 Property Manager, Maintance Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Manager, Caretaker, maintenance, construction, animal care, leasing, budgets
Preferences: Properties, farms, resorts, camps, ranches,
Phone (570) 295-7178 - Cell 5702957178
Experienced gardeners, house cleaner, cattle raising, painter, mechanic
[detail] Gold rockred 46 hobby farmer, painter, gardens Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: gardening, cooking, cleaning, massage therapist, exterior house painting, interior painting, carpentry, electrical, farming, fencing, all types of haying, machinery, excavators, tractors, four wheelers, bulldozers, dumptrucks, firewood,
Preferences: estates, homes, cattle jobs, farms, hobby farms,
Cell 7602155679
Professional Organizer/Property Manager with more than ten years of experience
[detail] Gold Happy_Organizer 36 Organizer and editor Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: property managers, caretakers, house sitters, maintenance, nonsmokers, management skills, counsellors, cleaning, typists, drivers, yards, renovations, pets
Preferences: retreats, historic homes, chefs, cooking, gardens, grounds keeping, managing, supervising, nature
motivated efficient capable self starter
[detail] Gold rick1267 51 driver Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: landscape, equipment maintenance, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, management, licensed CDL class A driver, basic computer skills
Phone (352) 613-6690 - Cell 3526136690
Want a detail oriented, tech savvy jack-of-all-trades? I'm your guy.
[detail] Gold afeigelson 44 Freelance Writer/Event Manager Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: accounting, bed and breakfasts, butler, caretakers, cats, computers, cooking, counselors, dogs, driving, estate manager, financial management, hotel management, house sitting, household managers, management skills, nonsmokers, pets, typing
Preferences: Being away from big cities and crowds of people, being of use and needed by others, finding a place to belong
Phone (773) 454-6587 -
Factotum Extraordinaire
[detail] Gold factotum_stace 40 self employed Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: designer, artist, metalworking, carpentry, green construction, computers, graphic design, web sites, marketing, personal assistant, project management, office manager, small business development, organization, systemization, gardening, cooking, hosting
Preferences: caretaker, innkeeper, bed and breakfasts, organic farms, vineyards, gardens, building projects, property maintenance, sustainability, hosting guests, restoration, renovation, beautification, management, hospitality, organization, design, nature, animals
[detail] Gold horserider 57 Caretaker/Maint. Man Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Painting, Electrical repairs, lawn care, chainsaw and general handyman
Preferences: Have two horses, no pets and a vehicle
Phone (403) 637-2416 -
Professional Alaskan guide couple looking for off season caretaking opportunity
[detail] Gold OutsideAlot 31 Outdoor Guide prior US Army Dec 1, 2015
Skills & Experience: Boats, Boating, Animals, Horses, Ranch, Maintenance, Managment, Caretaking, Caretaker, Home, Estate Manager, Building, Handyman, Security
live on site animal caretaker
[detail] Gold amcclintic 54 vet tech Aug 28, 2015
Phone (832) 881-8630 (832) 881-8630 Cell 8328818630
Hard Working Jack & Jill of ALL Trades Caretakers
[detail] Gold mannypug 43 Property Caretaker/Landscaper Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, landscapers, orchards, mechanical, maintenance, gardening, animal care, firewooding, sugaring
Preferences: homesteads, nature retreats, farms, remote, off the grid, lodges, cottages, forests
Phone (802) 503-3082 - Cell 8025033082
Integrity and Honesty - Rancher / Horseman / VIP Protection / Yachtsman
[detail] Gold HorseTracker 62 Horseman, Sustainable Ranching Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: ranch manager, horse training, VIP and ranch protective services, security, clinics, cattle, off grid, emergency preparedness and response, guests, guest ranch, self-sufficiency, sustainability, boating, sailing
Preferences: working ranch, estate, vacant ranch, wilderness, horses, cattle, sustainability, protective services
Adventurous, Single Woman Available to Care for Your Property and Animals
[detail] Gold pathofpeace 63 Caregiver Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: bookeeping, adult caretakers, gardening, property managers, property caretakers
Preferences: homes, resorts, nature retreats, ecological preserves, homesteads
Phone (928) 379-1550 - Mobile 9283791550
Can and Will do the Job with Great Attitude
[detail] Gold towrush 52 Semi retired business owner Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: caretaker, property caretakers, property managers, ranch managers, ranch caretakers, mechanical, household managers, grounds maintenance, handyman, maintenance, cooking, cleaning, auto repair, plumbing
Preferences: ranches, farms, estates, parks, rv parks, resorts
Phone (720) 283-8485 -
Rest Assured! Fantastic Caretaker at your service!
[detail] Gold zenken 49 writer/editor/fitness trainer Oct 1, 2015
Skills & Experience: Handyman, gardening, fitness trainer life coach, writer
Preferences: Estates, homes, ranch, resorts
Loving couple . Exp. in rural living, serving and all types of building.
[detail] Gold Dougbell 57 Builder Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Property Caretakers, Building, Remodel, Construction, Ranch, Cooking, Cleaning, Resort, Estates, Inn keepers
Preferences: Ranch Jobs, Estates, Ranches, Homes, Resorts, long Term, Lodges, Bed and Breakfasts
Cell 9169523800
Experienced caretaker, manager and host
[detail] Gold Matteberz 59 caretaker, writer, culinary Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Boats, bed and breakfasts, computer skills, construction, cooking, driving, estate manager, household managers, management skills, property caretaking, property management, handyman, culinary, resort management, retreats, writing, host, event planning
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, bed and breakfasts, resorts, nature retreats, farms, ranches, homesteads, estates, homes, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, lodges, resorts, plantations, historic homes
Phone (404) 542-2773 - Mobile 4045422773
Caretaker with Fifth-Wheel and Experience willing to travel and learn
[detail] Gold CameronMac 55 Farmer/Retired Aug 28, 2015
Skills & Experience: Animal management, orchard management, property maintenance, running irrigation, Great people skills, light ground keeping or house keeping
Preferences: RV Park, Ranch jobs, nature retreats, farms, gardening, historic homes, painting and maintenance
Don't let my age fool you...I'm healthy, energetic and multi talented
[detail] Trial CaretakerNancy 56 Admin Assist/Scheduler Jan 1, 2011
Skills & Experience: AP, AR, Payroll, caretaking, caregiving, computer skills, some construction, management skills, executive housekeeping skills, payroll exp, medical background
Preferences: estates, homes, ranches, animals, bb, nature retreats, farms, homesteads, ecological preserves, camps, state forest and parks, lodges, historic homes, caravan parks, wildlife preserves
Twenty plus years Estate Manager
[detail] Trial dmarsh 46 Estate Manager Apr 27, 2011
Skills & Experience: Manager, construction, boats, horses, estate, housekeeping, events, SmartHome, cattle, garden, vehicles, child, pet, care, special needs, security
[detail] Trial pauljc3 61 skillcraftsman Jun 7, 2013
Skills & Experience: skillcraftsman
Preferences: skillcraftsman
[detail] Trial charmer 49 Quality Assurance inspector Sep 23, 2013