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  Member User Name Age Occupation Available From
Experienced Caretaker/Property Manager
[detail] Gold Nomad55 59 Caretaker/Estate Manager Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Basic carpentry, painting, plumbing and electrical skills, preventative maintenance, security, one hundred ton captain, cdl licensed, housekeeping, self motivated, conscientious, flexible, professional and discreet, honest and dependable, office and computer skills,
Preferences: rural, mountains, rockies, vacation property homes, estates, ranches and lodges
Phone (435) 459-9570 - Cell 9047425560
Hardworking Husband and Wife Team
[detail] Gold Honestcaretakers 49 Domestic couple,Estate Mgrs Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: handyman, baking , cooking, carpentry, painting, mechanical, plumbing and electrical, animal care, ranch
Preferences: seasonal jobs, estates, boating, homesteads, ranches, Formal House, Formal Butler
Phone (678) 995-8619 -
Experienced Property Caretaker for large estates with thirty years exp.
[detail] Gold ddsherm 62 CARETAKER/ESTATE MANAGER Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, estate managers, horses, cattle, ranch, ranch work, fencing, carpentry,
Preferences: estates, homes, farms, ranches, horse jobs
Cell 3524252800
Ranch Management Couple seeking new opportunity
[detail] Gold rayevich 52 Ranch Manager Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: logging, forestry, road maintenance, budgeting, bookkeeping, computer skills, animal caretaking, carpentry, cooking, farm and ranch experience, outfitting, guiding, events, guest services, marketing, home maintenance
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, resorts, nature retreats, farms, hunting ranch, wildlife, conservation, fishing, manager, caretaker,
Phone (406) 240-7759 -
Physically fit, animal caretaker, Private estates, business owner, consultant
[detail] Gold nyflcowgirl 46 Private estate/farm/resort mgr Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: horses, foaling, gardening, maple syrup production, machine maintenance, construction, cooking, entertaining, farming, computer literate, NEAT,
Preferences: estate management, horse jobs, farms, resorts
Phone (518) 365-3131 - Cell 5183653131
Metaphysical couple seeks a place conducive to continued spiritual growth
[detail] Gold CaretakercoupleMM 55 metaphysical student Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Organic gardening, school counseling, teaching, bookkeeping, outdoor enthusiasts, homestead, housekeeping, grounds keeping, cleaning, yard work, composting, driving, water studies, tutor, special education, life skills
Preferences: homes, estates, nature retreats, hostels, lodges, long term
Ranching/Business couple retired, seeking long term caretaker positions
[detail] Gold GeorgeBass 75 Ranch / Property Mgr Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: ranch, estate and or development property caretakers, managers
Preferences: ranch, farm, parks, forests, trails, property, remote location
Phone (760) 977-6502 (928) 592-3427 Cell 9285923427
Experienced mechanic/equipment operator, handyman, diverse backround
[detail] Gold jschuller 50 Fleet Manager/ mechanic Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: mechanical maintenance, equipment operator, building maintenance, horse care, caretakers, snow plowing, ranch jobs, property management, road maintenance, grounds maintenance
Preferences: resorts, ranch jobs, estates, camps, seasonal jobs, snow jobs, state forests, national parks, homes, lodges, nature retreats, maintenance, lake river property
Cell 9704859299
Experienced Care Taker, Maintenance Lead/Property Manager, CDL
[detail] Gold alspine 58 Maintenance lead/Property Mgr, Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: caretakers, CDL, summer camps, campgrounds, resorts, horse ranches, innkeepers, motels, animals, spanish, estate, schools, outdoor education
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, bed and breakfasts, resorts, nature retreats, camps, state forests, parks, caravan parks, rv parks
Phone (719) 371-5463 - Cell 7193715463
Experienced property caretaker /Buildings,grounds maintenance specialist
[detail] Gold doalldave 54 property caretaker/manager Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Estate caretaker, Grounds keeper, Remodeling, Home Improvements subcontractor
Preferences: private estate property caretaker, Maintenance tech, Home and grounds supervisor
Phone (828) 675-5733 - Cell 8286755733
Horse Wrangler, Guide, w/ carpentry and construction skills; Caretaker Couple
[detail] Gold delgado 60 Caretaker,Horse wrangler,Guide Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: horses, horse wrangler, trail guide, tourism, caretaking, carpentry, maintenance, other construction skills, english, spanish
Preferences: horse jobs, tourism, resorts, retreats, seasonal jobs, homes, caretaking, southwest, mexico, costa rica, latin america
Cell 8024908056
Attentive Caretaker With Ethics
[detail] Gold wholerest58 58 Writer Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Business owner, home owner, rental, renter, city, country, small town, open, ethics, dependable, creative
Preferences: Homes, farms, country, summer, winter, fall, spring, open
Looking for Right Situation/Property Caretaker/Estate Manager
[detail] Gold asm603 58 self employed Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: property caretakers and estate managers
Preferences: Farms, Homes, Estates
Phone (603) 934-3042 -
Experienced Property Management & Resort Team
[detail] Gold joanandco 49 Residential & Resort Services Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Resort Managers, Property Caretakers, Innkeepers, Property Management, Hospitality, Executive Assistant, Inn Management, Household Manager, computer skills, cleaning, supervising, spa repair, pool, retreat management, sustainability
Preferences: Estates, resorts, residential properties, ecological preserves, lodges, state forests, parks, hostels, nature retreats, spiritual retreats, wholistic, horses, sailing, beaches
Phone (720) 320-8532 - Mobile 7203208532
[detail] Gold JeffsPetPropertySvs 54 Pet & Property Security Svs. Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: administrative, animals, book keeping, caretakers, chauffeur, chef, clerical, grounds maintenance, handyman, holiday decorating, housekeeping, house sitting, maintenance, managers, office, party planning, pets, property, rural, security, supervisors, wildlife
Preferences: animals, bed breakfast, camps, cemeteries, ecological preserves, estates, farms, game keeper, game warden, haunted homes, lighthouses, lodges, marinas, nature retreats, parks, private homes, resorts, rural estates, RV parks, sanctuaries, state forests, wildlife preserves
Phone (810) 625-0595 -
Many years as Caretaker, Property Manager and Maintenance Manager
[detail] Gold eaggleman47 66 maintenance/caretaker Jan 19, 2017
Phone (720) 376-5318 - Cell 7203765318
Mature married caretaker couple with fourteen+ yrs. experience
[detail] Gold Stoneoak 64 jack of all trades/caretaker Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, ranches, ranch work, brush hogging, fencing, home maintenance, welding, metal working, mechanics, farming, haying, farm equipment, pools, plumbing, computer skills, pesticides, fertilizers, hunting lodges
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, campgrounds, nudist camps, resorts, nature retreats, farms, ranches, homesteads, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, boarding naturist retreats, lodges, plantations, historic homes, caravan parks, rv parks
Couple willing to locate, very experienced.
[detail] Gold bevyoung2 52 Caretaker, Riding Instructor, Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Caretakers, remodeling, carpentry, security, husbandry, veterinary, equestrian, management, accounting, computers and networks
Preferences: homes, estates, ranch job, horse jobs, farms, security,
Phone (937) 572-3001 - Mobile 9375723001
Retired Bookkeeper, Horse experienced, loves to care for animals,
[detail] Gold whp91268 65 Retired bookkeeper Jan 19, 2017
Phone (386) 589-8744 - Cell 3865898744
Professional couple who work together as a great team!
[detail] Gold 19sasha375 60 Caretaker Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Property caretakers, estate managers, self-starters, interactive, communicative, people oriented, supervisors, home maintenance, grounds, landscaping, gardening, accounting, bookkeeping, construction, boats, projects planning
Preferences: Properties, vacation homes, islands, permanent job, separate housing, salary
Mature married couple seeking ranch/estate to manage
[detail] Gold TajMahal 63 builder, caretaker Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, horses, game farms, home maintenance, bed and breakfasts, resort managers, estate managers
Preferences: estates, farms, ranches, bed and breakfasts
Phone (231) 883-4696 -
professional, clean, quiet, love nature, extremely capable, seeking stable place
[detail] Gold californiagal 59 retired Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: retreat management, keen organization skills, horses and small animal care, tech savy, Master of Boardsmanship in education, policy making, household management, cooking, all crafting, professional leather artist, excellent personnel skills, supervising
Preferences: anywhere
Phone (951) 348-5853 -
Experienced Management/Caretaker, Ranch, Lodge, Estates
[detail] Gold tkerns 67 Farming/ranching, resort devel Sep 1, 2017
Skills & Experience: Resort maintenance, equipment operator, mechanic, landscaping
Preferences: ranch job, bed and breakfast, estates
Phone (541) 420-6568 -
Experienced animal handler and property maintenance
[detail] Gold Powder8888 59 Farm manager Mar 1, 2017
Skills & Experience: Farm manager, Barn manager, Estate caretaker, Caretaker, horse jobs, horse, equine, animal management, landscape management, flowers gardening, vegetable gardening, koi pond, pond maintenance, pond filtering, cleaning, painting, carpentry, pools
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, horse jobs, bed and breakfasts, resorts, nature retreats, farms, ranches, homesteads, estates, homes, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, hostels, boarding kennels, lodges, bed and breakfasts, resorts, plantations, historic homes
Phone (610) 463-5124 - Cell 6104635124
Problem-Solving/Creative-Thinking Couple Seeking Change or Challenge
[detail] Gold Cyrano 58 Builder/Writer/Problem Solver Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: building, repair, renovation, restoration, landscaping, groundskeeping, business management, copy writing, driving, animal care, equipment operator, chainsaws, mechanic, painting, computer, gardening, stone masonry, log building, security, welding
Preferences: remote property, resorts, retreats, lodges, seasonal jobs, estates, ranch, homesteads, forest, beach, seacoast, island, mountains, desert, isolation, isolated, secluded, wilderness
Can Do Person Can Do For You
[detail] Gold SaxonMan 63 R.E.Dev./Const/Bus/Ret Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: estate manager, property manager, business manager, resort management, hotel management
Preferences: nature, scenic, challenging, astute employer, insightful CEO
Phone (406) 210-9029 - Mobile 4062109029
Looking for Caretaking Work
[detail] Gold nelliebelle1960 56 Caretaker, Worker Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Property caretaker, horses, cattle, dogs, grounds keeping, barn work, office skills
Phone (830) 343-4456 -
Experianced in cooking, equip. managing,carpentry,plumbing,
[detail] Gold mmib2010 56 retired Feb 15, 2017
Skills & Experience: , home, vehicle, and land maintenence,
Preferences: homes, rv parks, estates, retreats, farms,
Phone (423) 377-3138 - Cell 4233773138
HANDS ON Propety Manager / Caretaker Available
[detail] Gold strombetta1 45 Property Manager/Caretaker Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Property Managers, Estate Property Managers, Caretakers
Preferences: Estates, Homes, Nature Retreats, Ecological Preserves, Farms, Camps
Phone (914) 216-8230 - Mobile 9142168230
Top Ranked Caretaker, Vacation Mgr Female 59 seeks New Position Fall 2015
[detail] Gold schoolforwonder 59 Caretaker, Property Manager Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Caretaker, property management, vacation rental, executive assistant, staffing
Preferences: property management, caretaker, vacation rental, private owner, luxury, water
Phone (303) 815-8325 - Mobile 3038158325
Experienced Reliable Caretakers - married couple
[detail] Gold rednut64 46 estate caretaker Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, estate managers, management skills, horses, pets, english, french, spanish, swedish, computer skills, grounds maintenance, orchards, construction, carpentry, organic gardening, landscaping, accounting, mechanical maintenance, tractor
Preferences: estates, homes, farms, resorts, permanent jobs
Experienced Caretaker Couple / Manager
[detail] Gold boomer1 58 caretaker/manager Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: all
Preferences: estates, bed and breakfast, retreats, camps, lodges, historical homes,
Phone (570) 972-3643 (570) 216-6793
Intelligent couple with strong maintenance & trades skills
[detail] Gold Tassas 64 Retired Building Inspector Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: carpentry, electrical, plumbing, grounds maintenance, handyman, office skills, computers, home maintenance, building repair, building management, ski resort, gardening,
Preferences: nature retreats, estates, homes, resorts, farms, ranches, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, lodges, historic homes, plantations,
Phone (228) 238-3384 (228) 282-0622 Cell 2282383384
Ranch/Estate Caretaker
[detail] Gold RealHandyMan 62 Ranch Manager & Maintenance Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: ranch caretakers, estate managers, horses, ranch, ranch work, fencing, home maintenance
Preferences: estates, homes, ranches, horse jobs, horse boarding operations
Cell 9702706023
Multicultural Mature Reliable Married Couple with diverse background
[detail] Gold MulticulturalCouple 59 Caretaker/Handyman/Retail Food Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, handyman, maintenance, repairs, painting, landscaping, gardening, yard work, driving, automotive repairs, car maintenance, equipment operators, engine maintenance, cleaning, cooking, artists, photographers, retail, jewelry, grocers, catering, security
Preferences: estates, homes, businesses, resorts, bed breakfasts, retreats, farms, ranches, camps, campgrounds, rv parks, parks, historic homes, clubs, lodges, grocery stores, restaurants, motels, hotels, self motivated, creative, able to improvise, nature, health, couples, honest, trustworthy
Phone (831) 392-5832 -
Mature couple available as longterm to permanent home or property caretakers
[detail] Gold laralizbeth 54 Admin.Asst. & A/P clerk Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: mature couple, former Army Airborne and Air Force Security Police, housesitters, property or grounds caretakers, animal friendly, security experience, computer literate, typist, seeking longterm to permanent
Preferences: homes, farms, ranches, house sitter, property and grounds care, homesteads, off grid, rural
Phone (662) 902-6658 (662) 902-6657 Cell 6629026658
Emphasis on CARE - couple: chef & admin./bookkeeper/cust. serv./dog trainer
[detail] Gold UltimateCare 49 Dog Trainer/Bus. Mngr./Chef Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Property caretakers, estate managers, resort jobs, chef, dogs, organic, bookkeeping, business management, summer retreats, management skills, managers, computer skills
Preferences: estates, homes, bed and breakfasts, resorts, nature retreats, ecological preserves, state forests, parks, resorts, plantations, boarding kennels, lodges, permaculture, innkeepers, bed and breakfasts, property management, resort management, summer retreats, couples
Phone (302) 423-0373 -
Experienced gardeners, house cleaner, cattle raising, painter, mechanic
[detail] Gold rockred 46 hobby farmer, painter, gardens Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: gardening, cooking, cleaning, massage therapist, exterior house painting, interior painting, carpentry, electrical, farming, fencing, all types of haying, machinery, excavators, tractors, four wheelers, bulldozers, dumptrucks, firewood,
Preferences: estates, homes, cattle jobs, farms, hobby farms,
Cell 7602155679
Outgoing, energetic couple for hire.
[detail] Gold Mlvrh8 62 Pastor & teacher Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: All household type maintenance, interior exterior, yard care, chain saw work, equipment care
Phone (224) 875-0119 -
Estate/Private Ranch Experience, Handyman, Landscape,Transportation and Pet Care
[detail] Gold kuy7886 45 handyman Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, estate managers, fencing, home maintenance, resort jobs
Preferences: estates, ranches, and lodges
Cell 8066624468
Can and Will do the Job with Great Attitude
[detail] Gold towrush 53 Semi retired business owner Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: caretaker, property caretakers, property managers, ranch managers, ranch caretakers, mechanical, household managers, grounds maintenance, handyman, maintenance, cooking, cleaning, auto repair, plumbing
Preferences: ranches, farms, estates, parks, rv parks, resorts
Phone (720) 283-8485 -
Experienced caretaker, manager and host
[detail] Gold Matteberz 64 caretaker, writer, culinary Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Boats, bed and breakfasts, computer skills, construction, cooking, driving, estate manager, household managers, management skills, property caretaking, property management, handyman, culinary, resort management, retreats, writing, host, event planning
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, bed and breakfasts, resorts, nature retreats, farms, ranches, homesteads, estates, homes, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, lodges, resorts, plantations, historic homes
Phone (404) 542-2773 - Mobile 4045422773
Totally responsible retired man with fine references
[detail] Gold joemike 67 retired Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: A high levelof dog experence, very basic handy many
Preferences: farms with horses and dogs
Phone (609) 402-7975 - Cell 6094027975
Experienced caretaker couple, handyman, equip. maint., Innkeepers, animal care
[detail] Gold duh_1958 58 caretaker Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Inn Keepers, property caretakers, cooking, property maintenance, home maintenance, animal care, groundskeeping, management skills
Preferences: estates, homes, animal care, resorts, nature retreats, homesteads, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, boarding kennels, historic homes
Phone (918) 314-4135 - Cell 9183144135
Experienced Grounds Foreman seeks caretakers position twenty five years exp
[detail] Gold Gottago2013 57 Estate Manager Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: All fields related to grounds, gardens, and property management, equipment maintenance, building and home maintenance, snow removal, budget,
Preferences: Estate, ranch, country vacation home, farms, retreats, historic homes, lodges, homesteads, kennel, year round position
Cell 3013703552
Well Rounded Expericed Professional Property Caretaker
[detail] Gold Special 57 Estate facilities manager Oct 6, 2025
Skills & Experience: Landscaping, carpentry, , electrcian, plumber, gardener, driver, machanic, groundskeeper , small estate manager
Preferences: estate, homes , camp , resort , farm , ranch, lodges,
Phone (614) 634-8403 -
Experienced Manager. Ranch, Farm,
[detail] Gold DwayneK 50 Retired Manager, Ranch, Farm Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Farm, Ranch, Management, Maintenance, Computers, Medical, Weld
Preferences: farms, ranches, homesteads, resorts, lodges
Experienced Certified Household/Property Manager/Or Caretaker Team
[detail] Gold tebuder 59 Property Management Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: construction, driving, spanish, college grad, certified Household Manager , ranch work, couples, caretakers, childcare, drivers license, cooking, couple, willing to relocate, equestrian, equine, dogs, horses,
Preferences: states, homes, ranch jobs, horse jobs, nature retreats, farms, ranches, homesteads, estates, homes, ecological preserves, state forests, resorts, plantations, historic homes
Phone (417) 622-7784 (417) 622-7837
Married couple to work as caretakers/caregivers with experience
[detail] Gold kalevbenabraham 62 Marketing sales Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: caregivers, property caretakers , cleaning, general maintenance, lawn ground maintenance, landscaping, gardening, boarding kennels
Preferences: estates, home, nature retreats, farms, homestead estates , plantations, boarding kennels
Phone (850) 539-0585 - Cell 8508680519
Can handle from property to office
[detail] Gold cferguson 48 horticulturist Jan 19, 2017
Dream Team - Caretakers-Guest Relations
[detail] Gold tjbushman12 56 caretaker Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: guest relations, groundskeeping, landscaping, maintenance, housekeeping
Preferences: Estates, ranches, resorts, homesteads, historic homes, caretakers
Phone (563) 343-9388 - Cell 5633439388
Former Marine has thirteen years as private estate manager/Experienced handyman
[detail] Gold CplArnold_1961 55 Estate Manager/ Caretaker Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, estate managers, resort management, handyman, ranch management, grounds keeping, ranbch, property manager, facilities maintenance
Preferences: estates, farms, ranches, plantations, parks, homes, ranch jobs
Phone (314) 825-8144 -
Helping Hands
[detail] Gold RyanV3483 32 Garden and Grounds work Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Seven years experience estate work including vegetable, horticulture, grounds work using tractor, trailer, mowing, organic planting methods, general property and machine maintenance
Preferences: Estates, forests, camps, retreats, homesteads, full time, year round
Cell 8456634891
SemiRetired Professional with international references seeks caretaking position
[detail] Gold gerilennon 73 biomedical writer Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: household manager, pets, excellent people skills and problem solving abilities
Preferences: estates, homes, nature retreats, bed and breakfasts, caravan parks, parks,
Experienced janitorial services provider
[detail] Gold Jeff2975 73 Janitorial services provider Mar 1, 2017
Skills & Experience: House cleaning, window washing, floor care, house sitting, garden maintenance, auto polishing, minor plumbing repairs
Preferences: Homes, vacation homes, ranch homes, small estates
Phone (707) 463-3989 -
jack of all trades (butler not included)
[detail] Gold steven62 53 equip. oper. / land caretaker Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: out doors man , land , livestock , equipment
Preferences: self motivated finnish what what I start
Being the change I want to see
[detail] Gold jerbear1983 32 Village Operations Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Resort Management, Team Building, Mechanics, Basic Carpentry, Hunting, Foraging, Water Skills, Hard Work Ethic, Resourceful, Professional, Honest, Fencing, Labor work, Farm Hand, Activities Guide, Mountain bike guide, Spelunking Guide,
Preferences: Bed and Breakfasts, Homesteads, Ranches, Resorts, Nature Retreats, Hunting Camps, Summer Jobs, Winter Jobs, Ecological Communities, Fun
Retired facilities and property manager looking for estate property to manage
[detail] Gold hockeyboard13 64 retired facilities manager Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: building repairs, security, electrical, plumbing, tiling, painting, cats, dogs, computer skills, fencing, handyman, property caretaking, innkeeper, renovating,
Preferences: estates, homes, lodges, historic homes, horse barns, homesteads,
Phone (802) 598-4024 (802) 598-4024 Cell 8025984024
Air Force Vet, self starter, can repair anything/ ex superintendent in construct
[detail] Gold dregs68 47 Caretaker Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: gardener, housekeeper, caretaker, landscaper, operator, construction, private chef
Preferences: ranch jobs farms homesteads estates parks,
Phone (760) 277-4146 (760) 277-4146 Fax (760) 277-4146 Cell 7602774146
[detail] Gold wcmauai 34 Low Volt Electrician/Prop Mgr Jan 19, 2017
Trustworthy Caretaker Available
[detail] Gold thompetty1 58 former property manager Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: light carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical, landscaping and gardening, pool care, pet care, small engine maintenance, record keeping, scheduling, general property maintenance
Preferences: private estate, home, ranch, will consider seasonal
Phone (813) 455-5437 -
Semi retired gentleman looking to share his knowledge and adventure sprite.
[detail] Gold visser 60 Mechanical Technical, engineer Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: security, escort, building trades, management, travel, estate management,
Preferences: Farming, ranch, estates, parks, forest, resorts, retreats, animals , villa, travel, escort, security
Phone (607) 873-2233 -
Estate Caretaker Couple
[detail] Gold rthistel609 55 Customer Service / Sales Feb 1, 2017
Skills & Experience: Building repairs, Car maintenance, Childcare, Computer skills, Cooking, Driving, Electrical, Equipment Operator, Grounds maintenance, Handyman, Non Smokers, Property caretaking
Preferences: Estates, Homes
Dependable, retd Cdn Military person,
[detail] Gold J_Bourne 60 Retired Military Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: business and project management, DIY handyman, computer skills
Preferences: property and estate management, game wardens, game keepers, property caretakers, retreats, homestead,
Caretaker / propery manager
[detail] Gold dlarousse 67 Author, Artist, retired chef Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: boats, bookkeeping, cats, cleaning, composting, computer skills, CDL-B, French, garden maintenance, greeting, handyman, horses, innkeeper, maintenance, passport, sailboats, security, yachts
Preferences: estates, historic homes, housesitting, lodges, inns, nature retreats, preserves, ranches, state forests
Phone (828) 989-4990 - Cell 8289894990
At Your Service - A Mature Couple for Caretaking Jobs In or Near Oshkosh, WI
[detail] Gold smart5446 62 FormerExecChef/Chef Instructor Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: caretaker, caregiver, property caretaker, home care, in home care, food and beverage director, estate manager, bed and breakfast manager, resort manager, cook, chef, food preparation, catering, restaurant, restaurant manager, driver
Preferences: personal chef, in home care, housesitter, home care, inkeeper, estates, bed and breakfasts, resorts, restaurants, catering, nature, retreats, homesteads, estates, homes, camps, state forests, parks, hostels, lodges, resorts, plantations, historic homes, rv parks
Phone (717) 732-9857 - Cell 5172316686
Experienced Caretaker Couple for Private Clubs/Resorts/Individuals
[detail] Gold Cordis 69 Caretaker Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: experienced, trustworthy, well-organized, able to travel, full time position, references, culinary and financial training
Preferences: yacht club, resorts, lodges, hotels, private individuals, estates
Phone (925) 759-2764 -
Property caretaker, management
[detail] Gold kbwynn 35 caretaker Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: caretaker, resorts, bed and breakfast, ranch, farm, vacation home, rentals, yard, pools, maintenance, equipment, animals, boats
Preferences: resortes, retreats, vacation homes, rentals, boats, farms, ranches, animals
Seeking estate caretaker position, resourceful- honest- responsible p
[detail] Gold 13merrill 53 Project manager Bldg. Automati Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Project management, mechanical systems, commercial contracting
Preferences: Estates, resorts, camps - Passion for property care
Couple seeking house/small farm sit
[detail] Gold Nesters 51 sales Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Independently self employed, familiar with care and upkeep of a house, experience with animal and barn management, raising sheep, goats, chickens, cows, dogs, cats
Preferences: homes, farms
Young, Responsible, Quick Learning, jack-of-all-trades, Animal-loving, Caretaker
[detail] Gold hikerkmv 43 IT tech,Wellness,Futr frmr Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: organic cooking, horses, cattle, farming, photography, ranch work, animal care, organized, responsible
Preferences: cooler climates, homesteads, estates, ranches, horse jobs, animal care, organic living, rural
Young Vibrant Entrepreneurial Couple
[detail] Gold monagraham 43 Retired Business Owner Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: customer service, care taking, management, sales, leadership, fun work, organized, integrity, entrepreneurial, professional, business acumen,
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, storage facilities, bed breakfasts, resorts, retreats, farms, homesteads, homes, ecological preserves, camps, state forests, parks, lodges, plantations, historic homes, motels,
Experienced Landscaper/Property Manager with Entrepreneurial Skills
[detail] Gold CountryClipper 52 Landscaper Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: grounds keeping, handyman, homesteading, permaculture, landscaping, orchards, vegetable and flower gardening
Preferences: estates, nature retreats, homesteads, historic homes, farms
Phone (603) 762-2517 (802) 490-2740 Mobile 6037622517
Reliable self-starter seeks caretaker position for year or more
[detail] Gold MoonRider77 59 Security Officer Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Reliable, experienced, professional, adaptable, skilled, property caretaker, security officer, gardener, driver, interior and exterior painter, writer, no smoking, drug-free, no drama, speaks English
Preferences: Property, nature reserves, parks, land steward, forest land, historic sites, lighthouse, rural cemeteries, houseboats, gardens, cabins, yurts, solitude, off beaten path but not off grid, long term, pay needed
Phone (970) 361-4111 -
[detail] Gold pugster74 41 truck driver Jan 19, 2017
Experienced Property Caretakers-References
[detail] Gold voyager5577 58 Sales, construction, contracti Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Winery caretakes, managers, carpentry, landscaping, sod, sprinkler systems, construction, concrete, sales, business development
Preferences: Ranch, Winery, Farm, Reserve, private property, lodge, resort, bed, breakfast
Phone (775) 345-5822 (775) 830-2479 Cell 7753455822
[detail] Gold ScottP_3 52 Sr. Process Technician Aug 1, 2017
Skills & Experience: adult caretaker, automotive repairs, building repairs, childcare, computer skills, cooking, electrical repairs, English, equipment operator, farming, fencing, grounds keeping, handyman, housekeeping, landscaping, nonsmoker, retired, gardening, welding
Educated and experienced jack of all trades.
[detail] Gold Boone69 47 Biologist Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Property caretaker, maintenance, landscape, house keeping, handyman, dogs, management, gardening, management, computer skills, carpentry, building
Preferences: Estates, homes, nature retreats, homesteads, ecological preserves
Mobile 5037915778
Many talents with much experience
[detail] Gold SoulTherapy 47 MT, horses, event mgr & more! Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Massage therapy, office admin, horses, dogs, wilderness, gardening, permaculture, cooking, film production, marketing, advertising, event planning, event management, creative thinking, idea implementation
Preferences: ranch jobs, horse jobs, bed and breakfasts, resorts, nature retreats, farms, ranches, ecological preserves
Phone (512) 574-7535 -
Former Construction and Property Manager-Looking for Rural Caretaker Position
[detail] Gold CaretakerOwen 52 Construction/Property manager Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Carpentry, construction, property management, property maintenance, gardeing, security, spanish, innkeepers, resort management, ranch, estate
Preferences: estates, ranch, jobs, nature retreats, parks, organic farming, mainenance, security
Mobile 9286060672
Experienced caretaker for horses dogs and cats.
[detail] Gold Iamgypsygroomer 68 Retired prof pet stylist Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Animal management, business management, horse and animal experience
Preferences: Ranches, farms, kennels
Phone (352) 542-0261 (352) 542-0261 Fax (352) 542-0261 Cell 3525420261
Hardworking couple interested in hunting, fishing, nature and cooking
[detail] Gold PantheraSafaris 20 Student Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: boats, book keeping, childcare, cleaning, computer skills, cooking, farming, fishing, game keepers, game wardens, handyman, housekeepers, laundry, maintenance, nanny,
Preferences: nature, fishing, hunting, game warden, gamekeeper, cook, cooking, receptionist, forestry
Experienced, Reliable female available NOW
[detail] Gold LyndsieCoon 34 Writer Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: home maintenance, animals, caretaker, management, references, cooking, cleaning, childcare, cooking, single female, reliable, experienced, friendly
Preferences: estates, homes, ranch jobs, horse jobs, nature retreats, farms, homesteads, estates, winter jobs, seasonal jobs
Phone (913) 201-1786 - Cell 9132011786
Nature lover to care for your home sweet home
[detail] Gold Lilfarmer88 27 Property Caretaker Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: stable management, animal care, estate caretaker, renovator, gardener, cook
Preferences: estates, bed and breakfasts, resorts, homesteads, you name it
Experienced Caretaker/Innkeeper Couple, Management,Spanish Speaking,
[detail] Gold Ravyn_and_Gregorio 50 Counselor,Entrepreneur,Manager Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Business, Operations, Management, Cooking, Property Caretakers, Home Maintenance, Bi-lingual, cook, groundskeeping, gardening,
Preferences: Estates, Homes, Nature retreats, camps, state forests, plantations, historic homes,
Phone (503) 241-4357 - Mobile 5032414357
Husband & Wife Caretaker/Management Team
[detail] Gold jkumpik 39 Manager Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: agriculture, animal management, automotive repairs, managers, book keeping, grounds maintenance, property caretakers, building repairs, handyman, rv, management skills,
Preferences: permanent, live on site, estates, preserves, ranches, farms, rv parks, cabin rentals, kennels,
[detail] Gold LGIllums 53 teaching artist, horse care Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: PROPERTY CARETAKER horse experience
Preferences: Honest, communicative, educated, quality horse experience, gardening, cooking, home and farm assistant for ranch resort small farm private property
Cell 6263195434
Retired Younger couple (Jack and Jill of all trades, love animals, gardening
[detail] Gold Antnee 61 Retired business owner Jan 19, 2017
Cell 5202475052
Father and daughter team with excellent references.
[detail] Gold crbuchert 56 maintenance Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Property preservation and maintenance
Preferences: rural animal
Phone (541) 363-6895 - Cell 5413636895
Professional Estate/Ranch Couple Seeks Long Term Position
[detail] Gold Mtnsong 39 Estate/Ranch Managers Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Estate caretaker, horse, fencing, heavy equiptment, maintenance, Ranch, Farming , tractor, masonry, painting, livestock, ranch, farm, Spanish , fly fishing, shooting, building farm to table , chef , local food movement , non gmo
Preferences: Estate, ranch, farm, caretaker, livestock , wildlife
Cell 2569973276
Retired Teacher Seeks Paid or Unpaid Caretaker Position
[detail] Gold CandaceCaretaker 63 retired teacher Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: horses, maintenance, cooking, general caretaker duties, responsible
Preferences: estates, homes, ranches, farm, B and B,
Cell 7028086616
Caretaker, Operator, ranch manager
[detail] Gold blkhorse2 64 Blacksmith,retired builder Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: Management, property development , restoration construction, equipment operator, animal care
Preferences: All types, ranch, hunting lodges, resorts, ghost towns,
Couple with over 40 years of experience in land and property management.
[detail] Gold andersoncrw 58 Experienced Land Managers Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: caretakers, security, property maintenance
Preferences: homes, resorts, land management
Phone (828) 342-5405 (828) 371-9903 Cell 8283425405
[detail] Gold monkhouse 66 sculptor, builder, teacher Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: construction, carpentry, tile, handyman, landscape, odd jobs, whatever
Preferences: open land, beautiful places, studio space, motor home location
Experienced with livestock including horses
[detail] Gold kferg57 58 Tool and Die maker (welder too Jan 19, 2017
Dependable, responsible, experienced property manager
[detail] Gold cle80212 52 Estate Manager Jan 19, 2017
Skills & Experience: property caretakers, estate managers, home maintenance, pet care, management experience, grounds maintenance
Preferences: Estates, homes, all considerations
Don't let my age fool you...I'm healthy, energetic and multi talented
[detail] Trial CaretakerNancy 56 Admin Assist/Scheduler Jan 1, 2011
Skills & Experience: AP, AR, Payroll, caretaking, caregiving, computer skills, some construction, management skills, executive housekeeping skills, payroll exp, medical background
Preferences: estates, homes, ranches, animals, bb, nature retreats, farms, homesteads, ecological preserves, camps, state forest and parks, lodges, historic homes, caravan parks, wildlife preserves
Twenty plus years Estate Manager
[detail] Trial dmarsh 46 Estate Manager Apr 27, 2011
Skills & Experience: Manager, construction, boats, horses, estate, housekeeping, events, SmartHome, cattle, garden, vehicles, child, pet, care, special needs, security
[detail] Trial pauljc3 61 skillcraftsman Jun 7, 2013
Skills & Experience: skillcraftsman
Preferences: skillcraftsman
[detail] Trial charmer 49 Quality Assurance inspector Sep 23, 2013