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Details for User Name CnSLyon









Date job posted or renewed: November 2,2017  




Period Caretaking Position is available: Long Term  


From:   December 14,2017










Caretaking Job is available in Location:


Country: United States  


State:   California


County/District: Mariposa  














City: Coulterville  











City/Town Area: Coulterville / Rural Greeley Hill  
























clean slate - 10ac wanting to move forward need master garden plan  




Looking for a person or persons to live on ac property by
Yosemite National Park ft elevation - You will need
your own trailer, tepee, box ect... to live in but I do have
power, well and septic - I also have a very small cabin that
could be turned into a living space - my husband and I do
live on the property but work full time - we would like to find
the right person(s) to help plant a organic garden and I
would love to see an orchard go in (apples grow good here) I
have chickens but would also like to have other livestock
I have no idea how to get all this done and I need your
knowledge - We lost + pine trees on our property due to
the bark beetle - the trees are gone and the aftermath mess
lives on at this time so still much clean up to do on the
back side of the property This would be a long term plan to
get the property into a place of being self sustained I am
still paying for this property so I really can not pay a wage
you would get the benefit of living for free and eating clean
food you grow. This is in California so pot is legal to grow as
long as you follow the laws I do not grow and I would not
want you to grow too much but it would be okay I have the
land if you have the desire and the knowledge no sissy
please ac +trees ft for some reason the #'s
don't show in my ad  













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