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Details for User Name Dogsareme777









Date job posted or renewed: October 24,2017  




Period Caretaking Position is available: 3.5 months  


From:   March 15,2018










Caretaking Job is available in Location:


Country: United States  


State:   Colorado
















City: Denver  











City/Town Area: Denver  




























I will be traveling around the country with my
pup so solo , My purpose is to volunteer,work
assist as many rescues that I can.That being
said money to donate will come from jobs I work
at for donations along with my
retirement(Pension) from working 30 plus years
for state of Connecticut working with the
handicapped..I am 55 years young and will live
the rest of my life on the road helping any
rescue that needs help. Animals are a huge part
of my life...Mary E. Fassio  













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