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Details for User Name jst6881









Date job posted or renewed: December 10,2017  




Period Caretaking Position is available: permanent  


From:   December 14,2017










Caretaking Job is available in Location:


Country: United States  


State:   Pennsylvania
















City: Cochranville  











City/Town Area: farming/rural  
























farm caretaker for 13 acres/accomodation  




Small ranchette needs help! Summer duties include
mowing, weed spraying/wacking: assist in light
horse care (moving hay). Minor repairs and
assistance in animal care. Winter duties, Turn
horses out and Bring them in, feed and water
horses and misc. assistance in animal care. Help
handling whatever mother nature throws at us.

We are a husband and wife who work full time and
need a little help with the farm. We want someone
who will stay and consider this their home. He or
She can plant a garden if they want, landscape to
taste if that's enjoyable. Really whatever will
make someone feel like this is their home too and
have a vested interest in keeping it nice and
improving it.

We are reasonable, responsible, mature and not
micro managers as long as the job gets done.

New two bedroom basement apartment is
accommodation (plus use of the grounds and pool)
and all utilities included.

Not really enough work to consider
this full time so outside employment is also fine
as long as the job gets done here too!

We require references and would like a year (at
least) commitment. NO pets. We have enough for