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Details for User Name csobsj









Date job posted or renewed:  




Period Caretaking Position is available: 4 months  


From:   February 23,2019










Caretaking Job is available in Location:


Country: United States  


State:   Wyoming
















City: Casper  



































Spend your summer living on lake front property.  




Looking for caretakers to assume duties for a water ski club. These duties include running a restaurant on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, policing the property, cleaning 4 outhouses and club house, mowing and watering the green space, and selling fuel. This club includes 100 member spots, 7 guest spots, 3 courtesy docks, 2 boat ramps and a slalom course. The guest spots are the caretakers responsibility to take care of, schedule and collect fees for. The club provides a fully furnished home, club house with full kitchen, propane, electric and initial fuel to fill tank.