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Details for User Name JLToler (If the applicant will caretake with partner/family these details are included in the description below)


Age: 49  


Gender: Male  

Occupation: farmer. landscaper.caretakers  


Cell 3524404063




Available From:   October 15,2018










Location(s)available for Caretaking


Available for Country(s):United States  


State:   all
















City: all  











City/Town Area: all  
























couple with beef cattle and property care taking experience  




Hi. James here. I grew up on
hundred head beef operation in
wv. Have ran a landscape
company in
Florida for last twenty yrs
and also
managed a small beef farm and
horse farm. Can operate
loaders dumps
tractors hay equipment down to
mowers. Good plumbing
irrigation and
mechanical skills.Build and
various fences. Exp with
hauling cows and horses. Can
ride but
not the best. my wife Beth
will be
accompanying me and has been
at my
side for twenty eight yrs. Can
references and look forward to
with you.

Hi Beth here just updating some extra information and
updating our profile.
I have 25 years plus customer service experience with a
background in banking, retail and retail management. I have
completed some accounting and customer service classes as
Recently Jim and I have been caretaking 3 small motels in
Gold Beach Or. So our caretaking experience has broadened
to the hospitality field as well. Thanks for taking the time to
look at our profile.  




Skills and Experience: cattle farm care take couple  





Preferences and Motivations: ranch farm