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Details for User Name smart5446 (If the applicant will caretake with partner/family these details are included in the description below)


Age: 62  


Gender: Male  

Occupation: FormerExecChef/Chef Instructor  






Available From:   March 17,2018










Location(s)available for Caretaking


Available for Country(s):United States  


State:   WI


County/District: Winnebago  














City: Oshkosh  











City/Town Area: ALL  
























At Your Service - A Mature Couple for Caretaking Jobs In or Near Oshkosh, WI  




A pleasant middle-aged non-smoking couple that:
- Is capable of multiple capacities, and very
- Pays attention to details,
- Is well-organized and trustworthy,
- Is seeking a Caretaking Position of full or
part-time responsibilities in exchange for
housing and salary - in Wisconsin,
preferably in or within one hour of Oshkosh.

Scott and Jo Ann:
- Have been Caregivers together twice; once for
two and one-half years and once for two months.

- Were Personal Chefs for one year.

- Are able to prepare meals, sit-down and hors
d’oeuvres parties; very dedicated to a natural
health lifestyle for seventeen years since
January , and prefer an eighty percent
Raw/Living Food Lifestyle.

- We have cared for properties before, besides
our own; splitting wood, preparing healthy
meals, housekeeping, organizing pole barns,
garages, painting & staining, mowing & yard
care, handy work, clearing snow - willing to do
this and more.

- Used to be Chef Instructor at the college
level with degrees in Teaching, Culinary,
Baking & Pastry and Hotel/Restaurant Mgmt, and
was an Executive Chef.

- Ran a catering business for four years while
in college the second time. Scott has many
years' experience in managing restaurants,
kitchens and dining.

- Grew wheatgrass, microgreens and sprouts in a
grow room at a Raw/Living Foods operation.

- Was very active Boy Scout Leader for eight
and one-half years.

- Is computer literate, self-taught since
nineteen eight-seven with MS-DOS.

Jo Ann:
- Has commercial Raw/Living food preparation
and home cooking experience;

- Was an elementary teacher's aide and
custodian, gardening, in-home caregiver of a
cancer patient friend for ten years, active
Girl Scout Leader for five years.

We are open to learning new skills: organic-
oriented animal husbandry, organic/bio-dynamic
gardening, wine vineyards, wineries, all facets
of construction, small engine repair & upkeep,
survival skills.  




Skills and Experience: caretaker, caregiver, property caretaker, home care, in home care, food and beverage director, estate manager, bed and breakfast manager, resort manager, cook, chef, food preparation, catering, restaurant, restaurant manager, driver  





Preferences and Motivations: personal chef, in home care, housesitter, home care, inkeeper, estates, bed and breakfasts, resorts, restaurants, catering, nature, retreats, homesteads, estates, homes, camps, state forests, parks, hostels, lodges, resorts, plantations, historic homes, rv parks