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Details for User Name bethj97801 (If the applicant will caretake with partner/family these details are included in the description below)


Age: 44  


Gender: Female  

Occupation: Hospitality/Customer Service  


Phone (541) 612-3700 (541) 377-0292 Cell 5413770292




Available From:   October 15,2018










Location(s)available for Caretaking


Available for Country(s):United States  


State:   ALL
















City: ALL  



































Well Educated, Reliable, Hospitable, and Mature Married Couple  




We are a strong team. My
hubby is Mr. Numbers,
lawn and pet care,and I
am the Hospitality Queen! We
are both well educated (him,
Bachelors in Multi
disciplinary education with a
minor in Math. Myself AAS in
Administration in Hospitality
Management) and we are highly
professional. No kids at
home. Accept for two small,
house broken Chihuahuas. I
can cook most anything, and I
am a real avid Canner and Baker.I
also have my food handlers
card and went to school for
institutional cooking in
ninety three and ninety four. We need a chance
just get out there and work
together. Hopefully in a B and
B,or as vacation property
managers or caretakers.
PLEASE CALL US AT Five Four One Six One Two
Seven Zero Zero and we can arrange to
get our resumes,educational
trans, and references
to you in a timely fashion.
Looking for a change of
scenery and willing to move.  




Skills and Experience: Capeco Cook, Salvation Army Administrative Assistant, Receptionist at the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce, Student Records Clerk, Switchboard officer, Art Gallery Assistant, Professional Math Tutor-multiple contracts, cleaning cooking dogs kids young adults  





Preferences and Motivations: Estate, Resort, Bed and Breakfast, Lodges