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Details for User Name JeffsPetPropertySvs (If the applicant will caretake with partner/family these details are included in the description below)


Age: 57  


Gender: Male  

Occupation: Pet & Property Security Svs.  


Phone (810) 429-4123 - Cell 8104294123




Available From:   October 15,2018










Location(s)available for Caretaking


Available for Country(s):United States  


State:   ALL


County/District: ALL  














City: ALL  











City/Town Area: ALL  




























Good Day my names Jeff,
Experienced, dependable, honest, respectful &
trustworthy. Neat, clean cut/tidy & quiet by
nature. Courteous, friendly, sober & sane strait
gentleman, mmmp. Energy conscious, environmentally
& pet friendly.

I have been in the industry seventeen years. As
your caretaker the house will be clean, the
grass cut, food in the fridge & pets well cared
for. I can cook most anything but lean towards
delicious, fresh, healthy low fat meals & have an
extensive menu.

Seeks a permanent long term live-in salaried
position preferably on a small farm/rural home.
Would also consider a B&B, remote camp, lodge,
retreat. As camp cook, host, property manager/
supervisor or a wildlife preserve as park ranger,
gamekeeper/warden, security poaching enforcement,
wildlife/habitat management position.

Experienced in most phases of property management
& security consulting. I can go anywhere create &
provide an excellent professional security
presence with my security marked vehicle patrol,
cameras, detectors & signs.

I can care for your home, pets & property in a
professional manner. Providing general maintenance
minor repairs, housekeeping, cooking, cleaning,
organizing & shopping.

Safety over sight of mechanical operations &
property security. Contact & schedule appointments
for emergency repairs. Supervision of contractors,
guests, staff, vendors & veterinarians.

Including invaluable preventative mechanical
maintenance for equipment & tools with meticulous
attention to detail always following the
recommended maintenance schedules/recommendations
providing detailed records & receipts. Keeping
things neat, clean, safe & running smoothly thus
saving you time, money & anxiety.

Providing years of life experience with references
available. You will be extremely happy & very
satisfied with my attention to detail because I
take the time to care & respect all of your things
as if they were my own. Sincerely Jeff.  




Skills and Experience: administrative, animals, book keeping, caretakers, chauffeur, chef, clerical, grounds maintenance, handyman, personal assistant, masseur, housekeeping, house sitting, maintenance, managers, office, party planning, pets, property, rural, security, supervisors, wildlife  





Preferences and Motivations: animals, bednbreakfast, camps, cemeteries, ecological preserves, estates, farms, game keeper, game warden, haunted homes, lighthouses, lodges, marinas, nature retreats, parks, private homes, resorts, rural estates, RV parks, sanctuaries, state forests, wildlife preserves