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Details for User Name markandlori (If the applicant will caretake with partner/family these details are included in the description below)


Age: 60  


Gender: Male  

Occupation: Estate Manager/Caretaker  






Available From:   July 15,2018










Location(s)available for Caretaking


Available for Country(s):United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand  


State/Province:   All


County/District: All  














City: All  











City/Town Area: All  
























Estate Manager/Caretaker Couple - Construction, Yacht, Landscape and Design Exp.  




Couple seeking employment as managers or caretakers of
estate, home or ranch. I am a former licensed residential
remodeling contractor and have been a yacht systems installer,
woodworker and consultant for the past twenty years.
My wife is a designer specializing in home and
landscape design with over twenty years in the field of
communication. We have owned and renovated homes in
Michigan, Aspen, Chicago, South Florida and Seattle.

We are a non-smoking couple with no children. We each have a
strong work ethic and are very detail and quality oriented.

Our most recent caretaker position involved serving as managers and
hosts of Far Meadow in the high country of the Sierra Nevada
mountains. These eco friendly rental cabins have been featured
several times in Sunset magazine and many other publications. Our
responsibilities involved the opening, repairing and managing of
these off grid cabins located outside of Yosemite National Park at an
elevation of feet. The cabins are in operation during the
summer months when access is possible by road.

Previously, we were the onsite Estate Managers and Caretakers of
two, large, adjoining estates on one of the remote islands in the San
Juan archipelago of Washington State. Both properties involved
complex on and off grid power, water, internet, communications and
entertainment systems. There were nine separate structures and a
fleet of boats. Access to the island was by small boat and
floatplane only. The properties contained both natural habitat areas
and manicured landscaping and a square foot organic
vegetable garden which we designed and maintained.

We currently reside in Michigan.  




Skills and Experience: carpentry, electrical, boat and yacht operation and maintenance, woodworking, inverters and large battery systems, solar, landscape design and maintenance, graphic and publication design, interior design, equipment repair, generator repair, maintenance  





Preferences and Motivations: estates, islands, ranches, resorts, homes, boats, yachts, gardening, systems