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Details for User Name asm603 (If the applicant will caretake with partner/family these details are included in the description below)


Age: 58  


Gender: Male  

Occupation: self employed  


Phone (603) 934-3042 -




Available From:   October 15,2018










Location(s)available for Caretaking


Available for Country(s):United States  


State:   all areas are considered


County/District: all  














City: all  











City/Town Area: all  
























Looking for Right Situation/Property Caretaker/Estate Manager  




To Whom it may concern,

I'm from Westchester County, NY where
my family
still resides, but I've been living
in NH for
the past 14 years. While in NY, I was
a self-
employed painting contractor/general
and did property maintenance and
management for
exclusive real estate offices for 20+
years and
was a caretaker for private estates
for 15
years. I was in charge of overseeing
properties including properties owned
by large
corporations like IBM to an
historical private
home (Hiram Halle Estate) located in
Ridge,NY in which I lived in while on
the market.

I have done extensive work in our
home over the
last 13 years, from carpentry to
painting, light
electrical and plumbing to
landscaping. I'm
extremely reliable, and responsible,
and take a
proactive approach to situations, and
take pride
in what I do, how it's done, and
where I live.
I've had a wide range of duties while
being a
caretaker/estate manager and property
for real estate offices, from being
there for
security reasons, to maintaining
properties to
running the estate. I also have a
working with dogs, and have a
wonderful 12 year
old yellow lab. My first experience
as a
caretaker lasted for over 12 years,
and the
family I worked for, I had a
relationship with, based on honesty,
and mutual respect, and I hope I can
find that

I am looking for something long term
, that
would provide housing and a salary.
My home in
NH has just sold and I'm temporarily
till I find a job. I look forward to
opportunity to learn more about the
position, the
prospective employers and their
expectations with
regard to the property/position being

If you have any questions, please do
hesitate to contact me at the
provided e-mail
address and/or telephone number.


Anthony Mignogno  




Skills and Experience: property caretakers and estate managers  





Preferences and Motivations: Farms, Homes, Estates