house sitting is a win for homeowner and housesitter


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    Caretaking Testimonies

    The testimonies are identified by the CaretakerJobs user name. Please Click on the username to view each members profile.

    “Dear Ian, I just wanted to let you know...I have used over 20 agencies; every job site that exists on the web and networking. I have had numerous offers from these, however- the perfect position came to me through your site. Not only that - it included both me and my husband. To add the ribbon to the package- she is a wonderful lady ~ It dosen't get better than this! I mean PERFECT, in every sense of the word. It took about 4 months but was well worth the wait!

    Thank you for having such a wonderful, user friendly- site!

    Continued success to you!”
    Username:  victoria 

    “Thanks, I found a perfect arrangement that I would never have come upon without your service.”
    Username: hjackholland  

    “This is my second or third time to cancel my add in Caretakers. I really appreciate being able to use this service, its really great, and we got some wonderful people to response. Kindly remove my ad at the present time.”
    Username: jbh2407 

    “We have hired a caretaker couple in response to our advertisement here. We were very pleased with the quality of most applicants and feel that we have made an excellent choice for our particular needs.”
    Username: vegasranch  

    “Hi: Thanks for the exposure!  We have found a Caretaker for ifr375”
    Username: ifr375 

    “Thank you for your help. I have found the help I need. You guys were great. Got a lot of great inquires from your site.”
    Username: Ranchcaretaker  

    “I have just used your service for two temp. ads and I, after reading through it all, wanted to thank you for such a neat opportunity! It all sounds sooo good to me! Alot of work has been put into this and I think it is a great, honest service for those of us that can use it! Thank you sooo much! I'm so glad I found you!
    I will be joining the Gold soon,
    Thankfully Yours, Matt “
    Username:  MGD1211 

    “Ian, Your service get's a A+ , Within minutes of my message to you, not only did I get upgrade.

    But also was able to send a message to someone looking for the exact position I and my wife are looking for. In the same town that I live in for the past 49 years. Top that- I don't think so.

    Don't know if the position is for us but fantastic results well worth the $29.00 the first 5 minutes. Thank You”

    Username:  tomandcindy  

    “This is an excellent site and offers a good service. We are also interested in becoming an affiliate and will be in touch to discuss this possibility. Thank you for your time.”  Barbara
    Username:  gentletime 

    “We write to thank you for all your help and to say we sincerely appreciate all your efforts. We are happy to say we have been successful in finding employment. The position is permanent and after a very pleasant interview, we feel confident the position will be long term. If we should need help in the future however, we will not hesitate to ask for your help once again.”
    Username:  poteete 

    Dear Ian,

    “A great service. We met a nice woman thru your service. We'll see what the future holds for her possible employment at the ranch, but we do thank you.

    For now, would you please remove us from the site, as we are trying out our candidate.
    Best to you, “

    Dr. Sears
    Username:  HorseBreederVet 

    hi Ian,

    “thank you for taking care of that! I believe you will have another successful website due to your attention to your customers! If you ever need help from someone in the states (or in Germany), don't hesitate to ask!All our best!”

    Keith and Annette
    Username: keitan 

    “We wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that we have successfully found a position that we think will be perfect for us. We were contacted through Caretaker and started a dialog to begin the interviewing process.

    Thank you very much and this is such a great resource!”

    Username: atatum  

    “Just a note of appreciation at this really terrific and helpful idea. Great work!

    Dr. Hayden Sears
    Username:  HorseBreederVet 

    Thank you for your excellent web page. We have now found a caretaker/housesitter for our farmlet and our advertisements can be taken off your web page.

    Thank you again h2sitter“

    Username:  FarmletCare